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English games for English teachers!

Games and Lesson Plan ideas for ESL teachers
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Hello! I'm your friendly neighbourhood moderator, traveling_storm. ^^

This community is for ESL teachers looking for game ideas and lesson plan tips. Members are free to post games, strategies, methodologies and lesson plans, in an effort to help others get through their days of classroom chaos. ^^

This community is open to viewing for members, and only members may post. This is to cut down on spam and bots and also to try and keep things orderly and hassle-free. ^^ Should this community grow - and I sincerely hope it will - I may ask for moderators to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Please check the memories section for relevant topics, particularly if you want to add something. For example, I am always looking for additions to the 'Childhood Games' post found here:


Tags: In an effort to make things easier, please use the following tags for your posts:

game, lesson plans, open classes, help, intros,(for new member posts)

You can use whatever other tags you feel are relevant, but please use one of the above in addition to them. If you feel your post doesn't embody any of the above three, then perhaps you should reconsider whether or not your post is relevant to this group. Please see this post for details: http://community.livejournal.com/eslgames/8872.html

When posting games, activities, or lessons, please include some general information, such as optimal class sizes, materials needed, age reccommended etc. Some suggested formats are below:

Game Title:

Target Age Group:

Minimum/Maximum Group size(s):

Materials required:

Object of the Game:

How I Taught It:


For Lesson Plans:


Target Age Group:

Minimum/Maximum Group Size(s):

Time Frame by days/periods/hours etc:

Materials Required:



How I Taught It:

Reactions/Responses From Students:

Keep in mind I am NOT going to throw hissy fits and start banning/editing if people don't follow these formats. They are suggested guidelines only. As long as the pertinent info is somewhere in the post, do what you like.

Posting specific information is beneficial to everyone, as it can help in deciding whether or not your suggestion will work in a specific teacher's class. Also, a teacher can copy and paste your lesson plan to a word document for their own modification and printing, before submitting it to their school.

Remember, you might one day see a lesson plan or game here that will prove useful to you and can do the same. ^^ Also, if you have any relevant websites and community/journal links you think would be a good resource, either make a post to this community or you can email me at:


I will add the links to the main profile for easy access.

So let's see what ya got for us! ^____^ Happy teaching!

Teaching Links and other Resources

Puzzlemaker (www.puzzlemaker.com)
Enchanted Learning (www.enchantedlearning.com)

Other Useful Communities