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Sorry people, but I'm trying to keep the trolls at bay. Please apply to join in and share your teaching tips and ideas!


Hey there, I would love to be added ! I tutor English here in the states, and volunteer with family literacy classes. I'm going to Honduras in November to teach 1st and 2nd grade English.

Hi, I'm a kindergarten/first grade teacher in Qingdao...would love to exchange ideas...
Ack! I'm sorry I forgot to add you!! *grovels*

You have been added - please feel free to browse the memories and tags for games and ideas!
hi, i'm a primary school teacher in southern france, can i be added please!! :) i need help! :)
Hi, I'm a high school English teacher in Thailand. Could I be added? :)
I'm going to go teach in South Korea next month...could you please add me? I need to learn all I can, as this is my first job out of college!
Hi there! I'm a volunteer ESL tutor in the US through a local non-profit organization, and I'd love to be added to your community. Thanks!
Hi, I'll be teaching in Shanghai shortly and I'm brand new to Tefl so need all the advice I can get. Add? :)
Sure thing!

Potential new member here.

Hi! I'm volunteering as part of an ESL tutoring group in the US and we're open to any game/activity ideas.

May I have membership?

Add me?

I might be starting to teach teenage students. It's only for a couple of days a week while I'm here, but still, I would like the insight. Wonder if the adding will work with anonymouse...

Re: Add me?

I'll add you in a minute. Hope anonymouse still works for you.
Hey there! I'd like to join, currently teaching in the UK and want to swap ideas.
Hey there!

I'm ESL teacher from Austria and in dire need for some new games :)
I am planing to go to Koarea though TalK and would like to swap ideas.
Hi, I teach adult ESL in a predominantly Korean neighborhood here in the US. I'm always looking for new ideas for games and lesson plans. Add please?
Thank you very much! :D
Hi, I teach English in Japan. Can I come in? :)
Hi, I'm from Russia. And my name can tell you that I'm suitable for community =)
LOL, you are indeed!
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